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Meet Coach Tracey Stites

Welcome to my coaching website!  I have been working with teens most of my adult life.  I have been a high school counselor for the last 13 years, and prior to that, I was a high school teacher and athletic coach.  Working with teens gives my life meaning and I hope to mentor teens for as long as I can.

When teens struggle, whether with addiction or mental illness or school performance, a significant contributing factor to overcoming those challenges is the presence of an adult in their life they can trust. But it’s not only having a relationship a teen can trust, it’s also having a relationship in which a teen feels seen, heard, and understood. A teen who feels that there is an adult who believes in them and who sees the potential in them succeeds.  I know they have wonderful adults already in their lives, but it really takes a village in today's world. 

I want to work alongside you in guiding your teen to a happy and healthy life. Depending on the needs of your teen, I use techniques such as relationship building, values exercises, journaling, habit tracking, and many, many more.  My objective is to be a reliable and consistent mentor to your teen, designing and implementing plans for living a happy and successful life. 


  • Master of Arts in School Counseling 2011 Ottawa University

  • BAE Secondary Ed Social Studies 1992 Arizona State


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Phone: 480-331-1213

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