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COULD YOUR TEEN USE A MENTOR? Perhaps your teen doesn't want to work with a therapist but with someone to help them work on goals, talk about situations at school, etc, etc.  I'm Tracey Stites and for over 30 years, I've been helping teens navigate their way through life with confidence. With my knowledge, expertise, and experience, I provide guidance and support to teens so they can reach their full potential. Click "About" above to learn a little more about me.
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"Coach Stites is my favorite person in the whole world! Her guidance has become essential to me. I was an insecure kid that avoided as many social events as I could to a person that has true confidence in all the things."

- Samantha T

"Coach Stites changed my life. If it weren't for her, I don't know where I'd be right now.  I am so glad that I met her and am I able to reach out to her anytime I need. She has helped me reach the goals I thought were impossible to achieve."

- Olivia M.

“I met Ms. Stites when I was a Freshman in high school.  She helped my relationship with my parents so much.  Without her, I don't know how we would be right now, but with her help, we get along so well.  I am a senior now and we still talk all the time.”

- Michael S.

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